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Mount an HFS+ drive in linux

Modern kernels have a module for HFS+, but Apple used BSD-style partitioning, which linux’s fdisk can’t handle.

Try pdisk, an almost-10-year-old program that still builds well on modern linuxes. Download, untar, and make.

[code lang=”bash”][root@web1 pdisk]# ./pdisk /dev/sdb
Edit /dev/sdb –
Command (? for help): p

Partition map (with 512 byte blocks) on ‘/dev/sdb’
#: type name length base ( size )
1: Apple_partition_map Apple 63 @ 1
2: Apple_Free 262144 @ 64 (128.0M)
3: Apple_HFS Apple_HFS_Untitled_1 2930035632 @ 262208 ( 1.4T)
4: Apple_Free 16 @ 2930297840

Device block size=512, Number of Blocks=2930297856 (1.4T)
DeviceType=0x0, DeviceId=0x0

[root@web1 pdisk]# mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdb3 /mnt/usbdrive

[root@web1 pdisk]# ls /mnt/usbdrive/
Directory1 Directory2 [/code]