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Red5 Installation and Usage

Red5 is an open source streaming flash media server. It’s a java-based application that is surprisingly easy to install and well-documented as such, though the documentation fails when it comes to usage — such as streaming live video.


Download from the Red5 page: . Caveat: I’ve never really gotten this page to work. I’ve mirrored it on my slice:

Java 1.5:
Java 1.6:


[code lang=”bash”]tar xzvf red5-0.8.0-java5.tar.gz[/code]


[code lang=”bash”]./[/code]

That’s it for the install. Congratulations! Red5 is running and accessible at http://your-ip:5080 .

Go there and follow the instructions. Namely, click on where it states clearly to “Click here to install demos”. Red5 ships with a number of demos that are inappropriately named but you should probably install anyway if you want to do cool things like stream live video.

“oflaDemo” is the key mis-named application that need be installed. Select and click “install”.

Thereafter, visit the Publisher utility: http://your-ip:5080/demos/publisher.html

You may need to change the server settings to point to your server (hint: won’t work — use the public IP). Create a stream with your input source (webcam, screencast, etc) and assign a stream name, and hit publish. Hurray, now that video is being broadcast over rtmp!

You can connect to this RTMP source using a Flash viewer like Flowplayer, setting the RTMP source as rtmp://your.ip/oflaDemo, with the clip URL as the name you assigned as the name in the publisher app.