Enforcing Secure Passwords in Horde

A coworker, Alex, discovered that Horde, in conjunction with Plesk, allows users to change their passwords arbitrarily — but doesn’t enforce any sort of password policy, allowing such passwords as “test” or even “” (null). This, obviously, is a huge security risk as mail compromises can lead to fairly terrible things.

From his article:

If you (or a client you are representing) want to set horde to do the typical “strict password” enforcement, look for the file:


And read the bit about password policy. An example policy that can be set in this file that would require 1 capital, 1 lowercase, 1 special character and 1 number, with a minimum password size of 8, would look like:

‘password policy’ => array(
‘minLength’ => 8,
‘maxLength’ => 64,
‘maxSpace’ => 0,
‘minUpper’ => 1,
‘minLower’ => 1,
‘minNumeric’ => 1,
‘minSymbols’ => 1

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