Push email on iPhone and other smartphones… without Exchange

Tonight, I found a clever open-source project entitled Z-Push. This small collection of PHP sits in a web directory and responds to ActiveSync queries — the protocol used for Exchange. It then checks and delivers email.

This is useful because of the limitations of some smartphones — such as the iPhone — wherein Exchange-hosted mail is delivered instantly, while standard POP3 or IMAP mail accounts suffer a long polling delay.

On the server side, configuration is fairly simple:

  1. wget http://download.berlios.de/z-push/z-push-1.3RC.tar.gz
  2. tar xzvf z-push-1.3RC.tar.gz
  3. mv z-push /var/www/html
  4. yum install php-imap
  5. chown apache:apache /var/www/html/z-push/state
  6. vi /var/www/html/z-push/config.php and configure the following:
    define(’IMAP_SERVER’, ‘localhost’);
    define(’IMAP_PORT’, 143);
    define(’IMAP_OPTIONS’, ‘/notls/norsh’);

  8. Add the following Alias to an Apache SSL VirtualHost:
  9. Alias /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync /var/www/html/z-push/index.php

  10. Restart Apache

On your phone, simply create a new Exchange-type account that points to your server as if it was an Exchange server. Send a test mail and marvel at how fast it appears on your phone! Tested on iPhone and Motorola Droid with excellent success.

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