Greasemonkey script to make Youtube better

I hacked up a Greasemonkey script tonight to address my very real problem with Youtube: Flash.

I use a Macbook Air and dearly love it, though I’m rather cognizant of the fact that it’s powered by a dying hamster. Playing a video in Youtube will inevitably stutter or cause my lap to catch fire, both undesirable. There are also advertisements and Flash sucks up memory and CPU like crazy.

I attempted to address a different issue before arriving at this solution, namely, Youtube’s new throttling algorithm by. I realized, however, that I’m simply not smart enough to figure that puzzle out, though I learned quite a bit about HTML5 and its <video> tag along the way.

I’d like to point out first that I’m not a JavaScript coder — I’ve actually never used it until tonight, so please don’t judge too harshly. This Greasemonkey script is a mishmash of about 3 other Greasemonkey scripts and some regexes I used in a PHP script.

Install Youtube Flash-No-Mo

Do note that while the script works like a champ on Safari and Chrome (and likely any other webkit-based browser), Firefox 3.5 does not have a built-in handler for mp4 content. You may need to install an additional plugin (mplayer maybe?) to get things to work right on Firefox.

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