mod_auth_mysql and segfaults

Symptom: seemingly random PHP scripts are causing Apache to segfault.

Looking deeper: all the PHP scripts that are causing segfaults make database queries (specifically, MySQL).

Look even closer: the following line is in your Apache configuration:

[code]LoadModule auth_mod_mysql modules/[/code]

Solution: comment that line out of your Apache configuration and restart Apache.

Why: If the PHP code is run through Apache, you’ve essentially got one process making the SQL queries (if your PHP code makes it so). However, while your code made the connection and is expecting responses and whatnot, Apache, with mod_auth_mysql loaded, is ready and willing to make and take database connections. When a connection that returns a response is made from your PHP code, Apache will attempt to accept the response and handle it itself, instead of passing it to PHP. Since Apache is not expecting the data it’s getting, it has no error handling code for this situation and simply segfaults.

Disable mod_auth_mysql by commenting it out and everything will work without issue.

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